Sveta Shibarina and Nastya Shibakova

Our Teacher

“A Teacher is that who studies
the new, cherishing the old”


Our English teacher Tatiana Vladimirovna Lado is a very experienced one. She began working as a teacher in 1969 after graduating from the Pedagogical Institute of foreign Languages in Gorkii (now Niznii Novgorod). She worked in different schools of Dzerzhinsk but her first job was at  a research institute of air and water pollution as a translator because it was difficult to find work at school at that time. She had only eight hours of English practice at school number 5 working as a translator at the same time. In 1972 T.V.Lado began working only at school having left the job at the institute as she realised that teaching is her inclination. Then there was a two-year break in her career as she followed her husband to Afganistan.
Tatiana Vladimirovna Lado is a very sociable, hard-working, generous, communicative,  creative, tidy, friendly, dynamic, well-bread, energetic, punctual, responsible, elegant, confident, reliable, good-humoured,  kind person, however,  she can be strict too but never rude. She shares her ideas with her students and involves them in taking part in different competitions, contests and olympiads as she is a very active person herself. She took part in Russian-American contests in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and became a round one winner and in 2001 and 2002 she became a semi-finalist and was  awarded a Xerox, a tape-recorder and  a lot of literature in English in recognition of excellence and   leadership in teaching of English and American Studies. In 2002 she took the fourth  place in the oblastnoi competition “A Teacher of the Year as the best organizer of students’ projects”. In 2005 she became a laureat of the town competition “Profi 2005” in nomination “The Best Teacher of a Foreign Language”. In 2008 our teacher  participated in the National Project “Education and was  the second among all the winners of Nizhegorodskaya oblast. Then in autumn she was awarded the title of “An Honoured Worker of General Education”.
T.V. Lado is an active participant of all the International conferences held in Nizhnii Novgorod (2002, 2004, 2007). Her report “A schoolnewspaper in three languages (Russian, French, English)” was published in the materials of the scientific practical conference “A Language and Culture in a New Educational Space” (2004).  In November 2009 our teacher gave  a lecture to English teachers of our town on the topic “Project Work in Country Studies”.
We are proud of our teacher and her achievements. She also inspires us to take part in contests too. Her students are annual winners of the town olympiads in English and a lot of them are students of the Linguistic University. Some of them have already graduated from it and have become teachers of English at schools of our town. A lot of students from the pedagogical college and the Linguistic University undergo the pedagogical practice in our classes. One of our school leavers, Kuznetsova Luba, is a three – year student of the European University in Italy (Milan) where all the teaching is in English. Tatiana Vladimirovna is very proud  of her.
A few words should be said about our English coursebooks. «New Opportunities» (Russian edition). It is amazing to learn English using these coursebooks from Beginniers to Intermediate level. We have found a lot of  unteresting things about the country the language of which we are stidying. English is our second language after French because our school is called a «A secondary school № 22 with intensive learning of French». We begin learning English only in the seventh form (two hours of a week) and in the eighth, nineth, tenth and eleventh forms we have three hours a week. Certainly, it is not enough to get the language competence but we manage to get it due to authentic materials such as CD’s, videofilms, books for reading and due to our teacher, who wrote an optional course “Culture Studies” to broaden our outlook in learning not only the culture of the UK, but also the culture of all English-speaking  countries such us the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Besides all our students make computer presentations of these countries using the Internet as an extremely powenful resourse and one of the tools for learning English. New Opportunities is a general English course written for developing students’ communicative competence and provide them with the language for life. New Opportunities also trains students to deal with most of the exam task types used in the Unified State Examination. Different strategies which are available in New Opportunities (e.g. Listening Strategies, Reading  Strategies, Communication Strategies, Writing Strategies) encourage students to develop as independent and active learners. But in our opinion, communicative tasks reflect the performance objectives of the Council of Europe Framework for Foreign Languages and the tasks tested in the new Russian Unified State Examination.
Once or twice a term we show our presentations in public so that everybody can get acquianted with the material devoted to a certain country. Our works are always evaluated by our teacher. It is very helpful not only for us but for all the students because secondary students learn English best when they are dealing with interesting and meaningful context. Our teacher does her best to motivate us in learning the language: firstly, she involves all the students in making projects; secondly,  we are divided in groups of two or three students. Each student has its own duties and different tasks. One is busy with surfing the Net, the other is reading some books for the necessary material. A third student puts the collected material in order; thirdly, we show our material to our teacher. She consults us in some aspects, gives us some unstructions, corrects the  mistakes, if necessary, and then we gather together to make a presentation.
Finally we show it to the class. We have prepared the folloing computer presentations: “My favourite film”, “London”, “Scotland”, “Dzerhinsk as our native town”, “Seven miracles of the world” and “Seven miracles of Russia”. Our favourite topic in “New Opportunities” are “Culture Corner” and Literature Spot particular focus is given to aspects of life in the UK and the USA, other English- speaking countries. Literature Spot presents extracts from well-known authors from English-speaking countries. It is fascinating to get acquianted with culture, different from ours. Our teacher draws our attantion to the title, to the format and the photos that accompany a text trying to elicit some predictions about the text’s content. We like our English lessons because we learn a lot at from them and we think that Lado T.V. is a great teacher who inspires her students to make discoveries in learning, reading and speaking English.

In this short article we tried to introduce you our favourite teacher, who devoted herself to this hard job, upbringing of young generation. How remarkable it is that such people exist in our country whose motto is:
Love for children,
Belief in better future for young people!